Fabric Friday

Here is a little snapshot of what has been on my sewing queue (look at me getting all French and fancy!) this week. I decided it was high time I took a break from the kitchen and paid a little attention to my sewing machine. I must say, it has been quite the creative outlet. I just feel like a whole new person after getting to take a break from life for a little bit. Ah.

Does this fabric look familiar?

Wow, this looks really uncomfortable in a picture, but for some reason I just love sitting on the floor while working on . . . you almost got me to say it. Nope, I’m not revealing the goods quite yet! Also, you can see our house hasn’t been babyproofed yet. Hopefully the crawling is still a little ways off.

Love these spring-y colors. I must be inspired by the lovely warm weather we’ve been having.

Fun! And yes, I’m twirling my ring in this photo which is why my hand looks all funky.

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and can’t wait to reveal more of my little project soon!