Block-a-palooza Blocks

So, I got a little behind on the block-a-palooza blocks. I’ve been cutting out the blocks at the right pace, I just hadn’t gotten around to sewing them up! Thankfully, my little sewing weekend in Austin caught me up to speed. Here are blocks #3-11.

Block #3 – Shoofly Geese

Block #4 – Gingham Pinwheels

Block #5 – Geesey-McNinePatch

Block #6 – You Are Here

Block #7 –¬†Orange You Glad I Chose a Nine-Patch!

Block #8 – Basket of Geese

Block #9 – Lemonade Stand

Block #10 – Turned Geese

Block #11

So, what do you think? I like the way they are turning out. I think the mix of colors is really interesting, so we’ll see how they all come together in the end. I think Block #11 is my favorite so far. I really like the pink and grey combo. Plus, I love pinwheels. So yeah, it’s just about perfect! I’m working on Blocks #12-14 and will hopefully have them up soon!


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