Swing in to Spring!

It’s April 1st if you hadn’t noticed. That means it should be spring, right? Well, someone forgot to tell the Midwest. We had a few warmish (50’s) days two weeks ago, but have been stuck in freezing temps since then. But for the moment (I know I’m jinxing myself) there is no snow on the ground and it’s “warm enough” to be outside.

So you better believe me and the little-house-bound-monster are spending time outside. I even (optimistically) planted flowers. We started thinking about all the fun we’d be having outdoors this summer and decided to buy new swings for the swingset in our backyard. You see, this swingset was made by our neighbors when their kids were small (15 or so years ago). I doubt the swings have ever been replaced. They were moldy, cracked, sagging, and rusty. Not to mention, it didn’t come with a toddler/baby swing.

The swings arrived about a week ago, along with the bad weather. We’ve been waiting for it to be warm enough to put them up and try them out. Last night we decided we’d had enough waiting–with winter¬†¬†jackets and hopeful spirits we put up the new swings despite the cold. I must say they are a big hit!

Trying out the swings together. Oh the looks that boy gives me. Melts my heart.

He’s still my snuggle bug which I love.

Goin’ for a ride. “Wheeeee!” He says that all. the. time.

He loves his daddy!

And, no sarcasm, he LOVES the cold. He just squeals when a cold breeze hits his face. Mommy? Not so much.

How are you swinging into spring this April 1st?