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I’ve been working on giving “the boy’s room” a make-over. Now that we’re officially going to be staying in the boy zone for the next few years (barring any surprises!), I thought it was time to make the room less “modern baby” and more “vintage sports.” At least, that’s what I’m calling the motif. So far, I’m really liking the results!

First off, a change of furniture was in order. Out went a window bench and rocking chair and in went a twin size bed with rail and trundle. Baby N will most likely be in a Moses Basket for the first months, rotating between our room, the living room, and the boy’s room. But, hopefully before too long he’ll move to the crib and the two will share the room for good.

Did I mention he loves his new bed? The bed frame and the quilt are from Land of Nod.

Then I made new curtains out of some fun sports fabric I found for a really great price on

Hello gray December! Where is the snow?

And then the crib needed some attention. I changed the mattress setting back to the highest one (ah–pretty soon a baby will be in there!) and made a new crib skirt (from this fabric) to match the new curtains.

Still need to pick up some new fitted sheets that match. All my old ones were green. I think I’ve decided to go without a bumper this time around since Baby N will be in the Moses basket when he’s super young. 

Of course the laundry bag (this fabric) had to match all the new decor.

And the changing pad cover (anti-pill fleece from JoAnn’s).

Then we picked up a few things to tie it all together.

The photo frame was a .99 cent buy at the Goodwill. I’m waiting for pics of the boys together to fill it up! And what’s a sports room without a bobble head? 

I already had the lamp but picked up the new shade from the Land of Nod outlet by our house. A cute $10 update, don’t you think?

I’m still working on items for over each boy’s bed. I’ve got letters for their names, but I still need to find some sort of picture/poster to go up with them. I’m thinking either newspaper clippings of Chicago teams or vintage prints like this one:

Too bad it’s $80 on etsy.
Anyone have any other resources for posters like this?
Or want to buy me this one? 🙂

Someone is very pleased with all the results!

What do you think of the room? Any tips for pulling the theme all together?


8 thoughts on “Boy’s Room

  1. First off, so cute! What size are you wanting for the poster? I’m betting I could put something together in photoshop, digital art style, that’s very similar! Let me know what you think. I’d love to contribute a little something to the boys room!

    • Oh, wow. That would be amazing! I’m thinking either three – four smaller ones (like the size of the Etsy one, 12 x 12) or just two big ones, one for each boy. I’m guessing more 11 x 14 or even a size bigger than that? I could always print them, mod podge them to canvas or frame them. Hmmm. Now you’ve got me thinking! 🙂

  2. Monica! I didn’t know you had a blog. (I don’t think I did, maybe I knew a long time ago.) Anyway, I love it and I love getting caught up on your life! I miss you, friend. 😉 And I love the room! And congratulations on baby #2 coming!

    Have you looked on

  3. Did you use any special patterns for the crib skirt or bedding? I’ve been making the bedding for a friends baby this last week with the Amy Butler Modern bedding- skirt, bumper w/pockets, and 2 crib sheets. I’ve really enjoyed it! Just wondering if there were other patterns out there.

    • I used any butler’s pattern last time but this was just winging it. 🙂 I decided against pleats on the skirt because you could hardly see them and I was short on fabric. I also did three sides instead of all four since its against a wall. 🙂

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