Hello little blog. I’ve missed you. I have about a dozen half-written posts in my head, but haven’t gotten around to writing my thoughts down for the world to see.

But really, the silence around here has been due to more than just lack of time. It’s lack of originality. The more blogs I read and the more time I spend on Pinterest, I feel like every thing that I could say or any project that I could attempt is just recycled material. Nothing new.

I’m not trying to be a Debby-downer (although I have been accused of that before), but I really feel unoriginal at the moment. I’m just another stay-at-home mom trying to do the best I can at the most impossible job that anyone can have. I lose it on some days. I cry some times. Other days are better and I feel like I’m getting a handle on life. I struggle with who I am as a person–with my lack of confidence, self-control, contentment, stability, selflessness, etc. I struggle to find new ways to tackle the loads of laundry and the dirty dishes. I re-write out a budget every two weeks in an attempt to get a hold of my anxiety about finances. Some days all I do is pray and others I forget to acknowledge God at all. I try to care more about my friends than I do for myself, but many times I just want them to meet my needs. I feel like I have the best and the worst job in the world. I’m trying new craft projects, attempting to live a natural lifestyle, trying to get a flat tummy — just like everyone else.

Yep, I’m just another person writing about what everyone else is writing about. How hard life is. How great life is. How frustrating life can be. How meaningless some days can seem. How incredibly important other times are.

Thanks for bearing with me and for taking time out of your day to visit this little space that I’ve created. It means a lot to me. I promise I’ll be back soon with all my un-original thoughts and projects. But today, I’m just living my very ordinary life. Just like you.