A Day of Perfect Moments

I spend most of my days focused too much on what I have to do, what needs to change, what I wish was different, and what I fear might change. But not today. Today has been full of perfect moments and I’m spending my energy focusing on those. It feels wonderful.

I started the day with a run to Trader Joe’s and made it out buying a weeks worth of groceries for $46. That was definitely a perfect moment.

Then I spent some time coloring and practicing sticker skills with Parker while he napped. I love watching his imagination develop as he asked me to draw each family member and a whole train full of his favorite things–with Parker as the engineer of course. So perfect.

Then my wonderful natural doctor worked his magic on me. I’ve been off lately and he identified my pancreas and thyroid as the culprits. After some voodoo-like treatments, I’m feeling normal again. Perfect.

Then Parker helped me make lunch. He sings this “spreading” song when he helps me with the peanut butter and jelly. Holding his hand in mine, spreading jelly, singing away–it was so incredibly perfect.

The kiddos napped at the same time. Perfection!

Then we took care of some errands–filled up on the cheapest gas in town ($4.16!!), made bank deposits (feeling so good about getting out of debt, paying hospital bills, and saving), and then went to the park. Mundane, maybe, but perfect.


As you can see–the 80 degree last day of winter was absolute perfection.


Then back home for homemade pizza and some long-awaited time with Brian. Nolan napped sweetly on me while sucking on his chubby hand. Parker and Brian played on the swings and ran around the yard sword fighting. It was so perfect.


A totally normal day, filled with normal things, and yet, it was so perfect. I’m so incredibly thankful that this is my life. I am so utterly blessed.