Toddler Tuesday

My friend Beth has been posting “Toddler Tuesdays” for quite sometime now. I’ve always benefited from the fun activities she shares, so I thought I’d try my own hand at it. I’ve linked up to her post so you can find toddler inspiration from all sorts of places!

This train set helped us get through the Winter.
He loves it and has spent hours upon hours playing with these trains.


The weather has been exceptional for early spring, so we spent a TON of time outside last week. In the pool, digging in dirt, at the park, taking walks, at the zoo — you name it and we were doing it! Now we are back to normal rainy/chilly spring weather so the fun has moved back indoors (much to Parker’s disappointment, he may just be California baby at heart).

To ease the pain, we spent our morning playing with water. It’s not the same as a pool, but this activity kept him busy for about 45 minutes. That’s a huge success in toddler world. I grabbed a couple of mixing bowls, a strainer, measuring cups, a sponge, a funnel, and some food dye. He was occupied moving the water from bowl to bowl, mesmerized by the water. It also helped teach him how to move more slowly and carefully when carrying liquid. We dyed the water in one bowl and watched the water in the second bowl slowly turn the same color as water was transferred over. This was a huge hit!


And of course they spend a lot of time jumping around on the bed in diapers. Aren’t my little guys cute?
(Side Note: They do still wear cloth diapers, we just had a couple of rounds of sickness so they’ve been in disposables. Yes, that’s my fear of man talking, but I just thought you should know. :-))
(Second Side Note: Nolan is smiling because I’m acting ridiculous and that is why Parker has the “what is my crazy mom doing?” face on.)

What have you been doing with your toddlers?