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My name is Monica. I’m a wife, mama, health and wellness advocate, culinary addict, freelance proofreader/editor, seamstress and lover of Jesus. My love for health, helping people, and staying home with my kids has led me to Shaklee. A company that’s passionate about creating healthier lives through trustworthy products. I’m a health consultant and distributor — visit my Shaklee website to find out more. I have the privilege of working from home while raising my three sweet kiddos: Parker, Nolan, and Avery.

I’ve lived in the Chicagoland area for ten years, although I’m a California native. My story is not what I expected or ever imagined for myself. I went through an unwanted divorce and was a single mom of three. God has brought redemption and healing, recently bringing me and my new husband, Johnathan, together. I write a lot about grief, divorce, healing, health, natural living, and motherhood from a Christian perspective.

I’m glad you are here, whether you are looking for hope, answers to hard questions, or a place to hear more about God. I would love to hear your story and help in any way I can. Thanks for visiting!



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  1. Hi Monica! It’s your (step) cousin Kevi! It’s been such a great long while since I have seen you. Bonnie pointed me to your blog since I have a newborn (6 weeks old now) that I am cloth diapering with. After some research and trial and error I came across a great diaper that is working well, so it was more the diaper cleaning do-dads, if you will, that I found most useful, so far! I love the pleated purse design, but I am not much of a seamstress, yet… Also, one of my baby gifts was the cute hooded towel you have a tutorial here for. I have a little sewing machine I plan to get running soon and a few small projects in mind. Maybe I will come back around to try out the purse when I get some practice under my belt. In the meantime, thanks for the lovely blog. Nice to see your face here. If you’ll send me an email and I will send you a few photos of my little one, Thea.

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